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Welcome to the Dating Christian. Here love reigns all.

dating tips for couplesImagine you’re alone and want to start the dating game. Then you’re part of the shy group so going out meeting girls by yourself is out of the question. The most obvious thing to do then is to ask someone you know for a date. Not that you ask them to date you but ask them for someone they know that would most likely date you. Knowing a lot of people then gets handy. Knowing a lot of girls is a lot handier. This is because girls have girl friends in a bunch, in a magnitude seldom seen in guys, but that’s obvious already. So I rank who to ask first then the substitute if the previous comes dry.
1. Girlfriend – the best bet. She knows girls, probably way more than you do. Plus she can prove to be a good matchmaker. She knows you well enough and she can pair you to a girl that she thinks will most likely be your type. She can even put in a good word for you. She’ll be like your marketing department minus the paper works.

2. Guy friends – they must know some girls. They should know enough girls for you to choose to the best of your abilities. Don’t forget to check #1 though, she’ll always be indispensable. Although you probably don’t have #1 since you’re putting your stakes on this folks. And don’t expect the best quality here, an unwritten rule states that why to give you the best when I can have it for myself.

3. Sisters – like #1 but it will likely be her friend that she’ll introduce to you. Nothing wrong with that except that the choices are too limited and your sister will see you now as the guy that dates her friend.

4. Mom – you can always run to mama if you need something. But does this need count too? Well, if you’re that desperate then it is. The freaky thing is mom will always know what your type of girl is. They must have

chosen it for you when they conceived you, I don’t know.

5. Ex-girlfriend – an ex is always a nice start to know how well you fare with girls. If you’re a good ex, then she’ll probably give you one of her better friends, not her best because that could be too uncomfortable for her. If she’s a disgruntled ex then she’ll probably give you a dragon that will eat your head off.

Your dad could be a nice source too, but isn’t it weird to know that your dad knows these girls? Your wife definitely doesn’t count. Just because you’re bored doesn’t mean you can make up strange requests. Mother-in-law doesn’t count too. They’re fierce enough in their natural state. If you want to gamble, do a Russian roulette. Your odds are better.