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The best Christian Date Ideas!

Dating for Christian singles isn’t all that different from dating for secular singles. However, there may be dating spots that secular singles visit when together that would be inappropriate for Christians to frequent.  But other than these places, Christian singles have plenty of options that they can utilize in order to spend time with and get to know another Christian single.  Here are a few suggestions:

Here are a few suggestions for Christian couples:


Restaurants:  Having lunch or dinner has always been a great way to meet and chat with someone that you may be interested in dating.  You can learn a lot about another person by the foods that they like and dislike and restaurants are always great places for conversation.

Drives in the country:  Driving and relaxing can also be a great way to get to know another person.  Just meandering through the countryside with no real destination can inspire lots of interesting conversation to allow two people to share experiences with each other.  Additionally, the experience itself is something that you both can share.

Picnic at the park, lake, or beach: Or wherever a great picnic can be had.  Preparing food together and eating outside is one of the most social activities people can share, guaranteeing that you will get to know each other much better than before.

Window shop together:  You can learn a lot about a person by what interests them.  Look at antique furniture or hobby shops or even toy stores for an interesting experience and a great way to get a feel for each other.

Go to the zoo:  As people get older, they tend to forget just how fun the zoo can be unless they take their own children.  Going to the zoo together is a perfect way to spend the day and ensures that there is never a shortage of things to talk about.

Have a barbeque:  Just because you’re on a date doesn’t mean that other friends can’t join you.  Throw a backyard barbeque and take the pressure off of you that can mount from the stress of dating by surrounding yourself with mutual friends.

Church functions:  When Christian singles date, they already know that they have something in common that is much greater than just the two of them.  Share your first experiences together with others that share your Faith in God by attending church functions together.