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There are quite a number of Christian dating principles that those who want to be right with the Lord are expected to follow. These are simple things and some that are hard that good Christians are expected to follow. Dating as a Christian can be a bit complicated especially if you meet someone who doesn’t share in your faith. One needs to be very selective. If possible, join a Christian dating sight or Christian social events in church.

Here are some of the principles.

Some of the principles behind dating for Christians as pulled from the Bible.

Commit to God first

When it comes to Christian dating, God needs to come first always. You need to make sure that you follow God’s commandments as written in the Holy book. Always make sure that your ways are right with the lord. That way you will be able to keep your relationship with the person you are dating pure.

Date with marriage in your head


Christian dating principles is to date with marriage as the goal. This is because sex before marriage isn’t allowed. So as Christian, always date someone with the prospects of marrying this person in order to keep yourself pure.

Date someone of the same faith whenever possible

Interfaith dating can be a bit tricky for most people especially if you are Christian and your date is Atheist or if the person you want to date is Muslim and you are Christian. Half the time, some of the principles within religions clash. And when it comes to marriage, it can bring problems. Whenever you can, date a fellow Christian.

Christian dating principles like waiting to have sex after marriage

Premarital sex is one of the things that is like a forbidden in the Bible. A couple is expected to save themselves for marriage. The bodies are meant to be kept pure. So for dating Christians, keeping themselves pure is important.

Now I believe kissing is OK. But if it’s going to lead to the temptation of having sex, then it’s better to keep your hands to yourselves and meet in public places.

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