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What is a Christian? Are other religions different from it? Well, there are a lot of questions that non-Christians ask about Christianity. Usually, they come up a lot when someone is looking to convert. However, there are those who ask out of curiosity or as a way to figure out which religion is better. Whatever the reason, we have compiled few common questions and brief answers to them so that your non-Christian friends can know a little about this religion.

Some of the common questions about Christianity

What is a Christian?

people prayingThere are many religions in the world. But what makes Christianity different is that Christianity is more about the relationship one has with God and Jesus Christ than about religious practices. Christianity is based on the belief that Christ died, was buried and resurrected in order to wash us of our sins. A Christian is supposed to believe this and proclaim Jesus to be the Lord and personal savior.

The goal of all Christians is to walk with God and according to His ways as described in the Bible. They believe that this Holy book is God’s spoken word. And sin is what separates God from man. And the blood that Jesus shed on the cross is the one that cleanses this sin.

Who invented Christianity?

As the story goes, Christianity was invented by Emporer Constantine. And at the time, it was being used for political reasons. It was largely based on myths upon myths made to suit the Roman Catholic church. It was also a combination of various religions. So Christianity was invented in order to create unity.

It began in as a Jewish sect and spread in theĀ  Greco-Roman world.

How many Christians are there?

When this religion began, there was a lot of persecution of those who practiced it under the Roman Empire. Despite that, Christianity has grown to become one of the main practiced religions in the world. Apparently, there are more than 2 billion Christians in the world.

Hope that info answers the What is a Christian question for your friends.

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