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Every culture has their own rules for dating, some cultures prohibit dating before marriage and some just prohibits any kind of pre-marital intimacy. But most of the people don’t understand that we are not living in the biblical era, the world has been changing with a fast pace and its necessary to retire the old practices and accept the new modern world.

Let’s look around some of the Christian dating dating myths that can’t be applied in modern society.

Pre-marital dating and intimacy is not allowed

This might be a good idea in biblical time but not dating anyone can land you in a fatal situation. Being in a relationship helps you learn many things, dating a person gives you a better idea about how to deal with the different situation, pre-marital dating also helps you get a greater idea about the person you are about to spend the rest of your life with.

God will guide you to your partner

There was a time when the world had not internet and communication system, in those days parents used to find the best partner for most of the adolescents. Now you have all the power to find the perfect partner for yourself and give some break to god as well.

Women are responsible for male sex drive

Feminist would have sued god for this, it was always believed that male sex drive depends on the skin revealed by women. Women’s revealing clothes were always found guilty of men losing control but we know that it’s certainly not true. If men’s intentions are pure then the length of women clothes won’t matter.

Man will always make the first move

This etiquette has been followed since forever and some women still wait for men to make the first move that might be the stupidest thing to follow. We are living in a world where men and women are considered the same, and there are many women who are actively looking good partner. Men have changed in the modern world and they don’t want to pursue women anymore, women who generally make a first move get the best eligible partner.

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Focus on Jesus instead of dating

There is no bad in being more religious, but you will be required to separate your pursuit of Jesus and relationship. If you are in the mood to devote your whole life in pursuit of Jesus then it’s your call but if you are planning to have a family then you need to learn to practice both things in parallel.

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