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It is very normal to meet someone from a different religious belief system from your own. The religions are many. Then there are of course those who choose not to believe in anything.

People are always meeting in different circumstances. So chances are you can meet someone from anywhere.

Do one’s religious beliefs really matter when it comes to dating?

inter faith loveWe can’t choose who we get attracted to. So if you happen to meet someone who isn’t a Christian, does that mean that you should forget the whole thing altogether?

I don’t think so…

It is okay to date somebody who does not share the same belief

Assuming you meet someone and you click right away. Then things start getting serious and you fall in love with them. Do you want to tell me you will dump the whole thing just because you discovered you don’t share the same faith?

There is more to love than sharing a faith. And you can have a lot more in common besides religion.

How to make things work

People who care about one another always find ways to make things work. It’s all about striking a balance. As long as you respect one another’s beliefs, then everything should work out.

If you want to keep things up for the long haul, then all you need to do is to compromise. Talk about how you can honor both religions if its possible.

There are some people who have no issues about letting each other keep their own beliefs. Then there are those who don’t really care because they are not that religious. Whatever it is, you need to discuss this as a couple.

Don’t let a mere belief system come in between the two of you.

With an open mind, you might be shocked at how sharing these differences in traditions can be so much fun and enjoyable.

At times you might be OK with your differences as a couple. But then family interference makes things a little difficult. If that is the case, you need to make a decision as a couple and stand your ground together.

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