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Most of the people think with their eyes and testosterone levels when it comes to dating or loving, and then ultimately find themselves in the wrong relationship.

Compatibility plays important role in the success of any relationship; the success of the relation is definite when the couple shares same characteristic traits.

It’s quite difficult for many people to judge their date on first few meets, first few meets are the time when most of the date partners act fake in order to impress you.

Let’s figure out the best ways to bring out their true character. We will be exploring some of the best couple activities to know whether your partner is compatible with you or not.

Go on a road trip

Going on a road trip together can be best couple activity that can reveal many personality traits of your partner. While on the road trip you get a chance to spend a long time with your partner and it’s the best time to judge if they contain essential behavioral traits.

  • Driving and navigation skills
  • Personal hygiene
  • Cautiousness about security
  • Confidence
  • How to handle stress

couple activities

Attend a sporting event

What if we can suggest you a couple activities that can elaborate your partner’s sports preferences and make you aware of his madness towards sports? Here are the things to observe.

  • Passion towards sports.
  • How he/she handle the loss.
  • Love towards the particular team or sports is good but Madness towards it is definitely “NO” until you have same madness towards that sports.


Physical compatibility is an important aspect of the healthy relationship; you should be aware of your partner’s physical endurance and capacity. Traits you can measure at the gym.

  • Lifting capabilities
  • How passionate they are for self-fitness
  • Physical compatibility is important

Get drunk together

This is the best idea to get to know deep about my partner, I love to have a frank conversation about what they feel about different aspects of life and I love random conversations. One of the additional benefits of getting drunk together is your partner can’t fake their attraction. Benefits of getting drunk together.

  • Let the demons come into play
  • Some unrestricted talks
  • Get to know the Real person

Volunteer together

Volunteering for some social cause is good and you can understand the true behavior of your partner, we can all work hard for money but not all of us can work for a social cause.

  • Great to judge general behavior pattern.
  • Sensitivity towards society and nature.

Painting or assembling

Painting or assembling is something that can act as a deciding factor.

  • Can they pay attention to details
  • Can he/she go understand the simple direction
  • Grasping power
  • Creative or not


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