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Religious compatibility isn’t something that singles are looking for. They often look for someone with the same hobbies and interests such as outdoor activities and entertainment in general. It might be irrelevant at the beginning but later it can affect a relationship in the long term based on recent research on religion and romance. People of religious beliefs saying that disagreements about religion in a relationship can affect children’s as well. To avoid those conflicts it’s better to discuss religion beliefs before a relationship goes serious.

Find below some tips on how can stay faithful in your religion during a relationship.

Drawing on shared beliefs

In case that you had a fight and you don’t know how to get over it religion can help you. Suggest to your partner to pay together and your feelings will be the same as before the fight. Based on researches this is a valuable way to being happy together and praying as a couple can fix a lot of issues.

Having faith in God as a couple can overcome really difficult situations such as an affair and other dark periods that a relationship might have.

Couples who believe in religion can also believe in marriage. That God has a mission and that’s why they are together. A huge power brought them together to start a new family and be happy forever. This is way beyond shared hobbies and same interests.

Navigating religious tension

Many singles afraid to share their feelings about religion in a relationship.  For some people, it’s awkward to express religious experiences. This is wrong because if your partner cares about you then he/she will support any religious believes that you have. So, if your partner attends the church more often and prays at home then you have to be supportive.

Being spiritually open and honest

Couples who shared their beliefs were able to avoid conflicts very positive because of their beliefs. If you can make your partner resist negativity and resist arguing without any reason then your relationship will be spiritually open. This will also help when you become parents for first-time because your relationship should be stronger than ever.



2 thoughts on “Making sure to stay committed to religion whilst becoming more committed to your partner

  • By BrianANA! - Reply

    Religion should’t stand in the way on someone’s love life but should go along with it! Not very difficult if you plan for it lol

  • By DaveLM - Reply

    sometimes if we are lucky these 2 things go together

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