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Everyone is doing online dating. And Christians who are dating are also using dating sites as avenues of finding love.

As a dating Christian, the first and the sanest thing to do is to state clearly what you are looking for on the site. Besides finding friendships, it is rather expected that a Christian on dating site will be interested in finding love for a long-term relationship. You need to state this on your profile.

It also makes sense to want to date someone with similar religious beliefs. Now, if this is something that you take to heart, then say it on your profile. But if you just want to find lasting love with someone despite their religion, then you can mention this too.

Now in order to stay safe on a dating site, one thing you have to do is not to reveal your personal information too soon. Take your time. You can actually start by using the communication channels provided for by the website. Also, don’t divulge information about your physical address.

There is so much you can learn just by talking to someone online. And some people usually give off warning signs instantly. If you suspect someone, go with your gut. If someone starts asking too many questions about your personal details like home address, then it’s a red flag you need not ignore.

Once you make a connection and decide to meet on a date, let the meeting be brief, friendly and in a public place. Tell a friend or two about it. You could even tag your friends along and have them sit at a different table as you get to know your potential mate.

Once you say goodbye, try as much as possible not to get followed by going to a different venue and not directly home. If it so happens that you go on a second date, again, keep it public too until a time when you feel that the relationship is headed towards the right direction.

There are so many dating sites that provide security features on their sites. However, being safe on a dating website has to start with you.

2 thoughts on “How Christians Can Stay Safe on Dating Sites

  • By Rob - Reply

    Thanks for the tips

  • By GeneAuer89 - Reply

    Good advice for the internet in general!!!!

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