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Now a lot has been written about Christian dating. Some of it true, some of it very questionable. Some of it has got no relation whatsoever to the teachings of the Bible.

We must admit, that as a Christian, trying to balance the modern dating ways today and maintaining a right relationship with God can present its own challenges. One might ask, which way is the right way for one to go about it. Well here is one myth that seriously needs debunking.

God will miraculously show you the man or woman you are destined to be with. All you need to do is to wait upon the Lord.

People say a lot about God’s will for people. And in the Bible and as the Lord’s prayer says: “May your will be done”. That we cannot refute. But does this mean that when it comes to dating, you should wait for the lord to give you a sign or show you in your dreams that that blonde church choir leader is the one you should spend your life with? Does it mean that you should not ignore the other woman you are attracted just because you dreamt about being with someone else?

I don’t believe that is what God wants for us. He will not do the heavy lifting in your dating life. You need to take charge of your own dating life and follow your heart. I think God is love. And God will always want us to be with someone who makes us happy. That is the will of God.

So get a move on and make dating choices that make sense to you. Just because you felt that the choir songstress is the one you should be with doesn’t mean it will happen. She has her own feelings and her own choices. Will you force a loveless relationship with her just because you think God has paired you up? Definitely not. You need to find someone who can work for you.

Pray for wisdom and guidance from God. And once you manage to snag that person who makes your heart melt, don’t sit and expect that God will wave a magic hand and make the relationship smooth. You have to put in the work also and rely upon his teachings on loving right and his love to help you have and sustain a loving and lasting relationship.



2 thoughts on “Debunking the #1 myth about Christian dating

  • By R.Lueras - Reply

    Shouldnt wait for the Lord to find someone to love

  • By willap - Reply

    If you arent looking for someone you will not find someone

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