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Imagine a couple who have been together as Atheists for a long time. Then one day, some tragedy happens to one of them, someone comes to their rescue and they are safe. But this person that saved them, claims that they weren’t even supposed to be there. God is the one who made it happen. That they were there because God put them there so that they could be of assistance.

Now, this leads one partner to start asking questions. What if there is really a higher power? What if it was indeed God that put their ‘savior’ at that particular place and that particular time. Problem is, he or she has no clue what Christianity really is. So this person decides to seek for these answers by starting to go to church.

Now, having gotten into a relationship as a couple who were both atheists, this will definitely bring some friction especially if the person who starts believing in God tries to nudge the other to follow suit. I mean, this is a couple who were once on the same page and path. Then suddenly the other decides to take a different path.

Can they be able to walk alongside each other, holding each other’s hands but on different paths?

The thing is, it’s much easier for an Atheist and a Christian to make things work if they had met and started dating when there was already that difference in their faiths and had made the decision to pursue the relationship anyway.

One thing to consider is: Is this conversion to Christianity affecting the smooth running of the whole relationship in general. Has the conversion to Christianity made this partner disregard the beliefs of the atheist?

If as a couple, both of you are ok with respecting the other person’s faith and beliefs, and as long as the underlying values of your relationship are not affected, then I don’t see why the relationship can’ t work.


2 thoughts on “When an Atheist decides to become Christian in a relationship. Can it work?

  • By eddieDCE - Reply

    once you fall in love there is no turning back. atheist or not

  • By marylary - Reply

    Finding a religion is a journey, doesn’t happen overnight but who knows?

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