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The Bible clearly states in 2 Corinthians 6:14 that Christians shouldn’t associate with non-believers. Was this verse meant for relationships and marriage?

Well, the context of the verse was meant for the Church. Paul was telling the body of the church not to follow false teachers and opinions of non-believers. He was advising the Church to ONLY follow the teachings of Christ.

However, some people take this verse literally. They believe it means Christians should not have any association whatsoever with non-Christians. But didn’t Christ himself eat with non-believers and associated himself with prostitutes?

Christian – Atheist relationships:

Today, people find themselves falling in love with non-Christians. Some of these people are those who don’t believe in the existence of God (Atheists). Some have no clue what to believe in (Agnostic).

In a relationship, if the Atheist or the Agnostic lets the Christian continue practicing their religion, then the relationship has a chance. But if they don’t allow them to continue in their faith, then the Christian has to make a choice between religion and the relationship.

Well if one is a staunch Christian, then we all know what the decision will be.

How Christians should deal in an unequally yoked relationship

One should first consider their level of faith and what is important. And if you are strong in your faith, then even love won’t be reason enough to ditch your beliefs. If the person you love doesn’t care what you believe in if they are willing you can gently start converting them to Christianity.

If they are agnostic, then take it upon yourself to introduce them to Church so they can learn what Christianity is all about. Let them make up their own mind on what they want to believe in after that.

I think, much as we fall in love, if your partner really loves you, then they will support your beliefs.



2 thoughts on “What does dating a non-believer mean to your relationship?

  • By Anita - Reply

    Once there is love, religion is something that can be worked upon. It isnt something to divide the relationship.

  • By lizzie hopps - Reply

    tell my momma that lol

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