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Are you a Christian woman in love with a Muslim man? Are you wondering whether to pursue the relationship further or to back down?

Love is blind. And we can’t help who we fall in love with, right? However, we can’t ignore the Biblical verse that says something like: Christians should not be unequally yoked with non-believers.

There are certain things that are similar to Christians and Muslims. For instance, both believe in their religion and they put lots of importance on family and marriage.

That said, religion shapes how we perceive the world and our personalities. So there are some underlying differences between Christians and Muslims which a Christian woman needs to consider especially if the relationship is getting serious. And these differences are centered around marriage, divorce, raising children and how women are treated in general.


Christianity believes in monogamy. In Islam polygamy is allowed so long as the man can take care of all his wives well.  A man can have up to 4 wives and the wives are expected to be okay with this.

islamic coupleDivorce:

Now when it comes to divorce, something as small as poor housekeeping skills can get a woman divorced. Other grounds for divorce are: being unable to bear children, diminished physical appearance due to aging and converting back to Christianity in this case. A man is also expected to declare that he has divorced you three times for the divorce to be final. On the other hand, women can only divorce their husbands if they are insane or impotent.

Raising kids:

Once you get the children, they are automatically considered to be Muslims and will be raised under Islam doctrines. Anything you believe about Christianity won’t count.

Treating women:

Islam men dominate women. They are in charge of everything in relation to marriage and family. A woman is expected to be submissive. And failure to do so can lead to being disciplined by the husband as the Islam religion allows the beating of wives.

Love conquers all. We know that. But much as it does, are you willing to live with such differences in these religions which are the core of marriage? In the end, the decision lies with you. But as a Cristian woman, think hard about all this. If you can live with it, go ahead. Marry the Muslim love of your life.

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  • By Donny - Reply

    It is difficult but there is nothing that love cannot overcome….

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